Day 3 With No Car: Monday

Mondays I have two clients that I visit (for those who don’t know, I’m a professional “companion” for seniors and those needing a helping hand). Luckily, the first is walking distance up the street from where I live (albeit a 45min walk). After a good hour this morning of checking my schedule, the bus routes, and discussing the events of the day with my boyfriend, I opted for getting a ride to my first client. 

Now, here I wait for bus 25 back home to grab a quick bite to eat and throw supper in the crock pot; then a quick walk to Adelaide to catch the Express Bus to Oxford, then another bus up to Wonderland, then a 20-30min walk into Old Oakridge. The only thing faster than this route would be to incorporate the bike (and ride from Express route to community) but my body is in a lot of pain lately which makes lifting the bike on and off the front of the bus next to impossible. So, altogether, I should technically be able to get from Stoney Creek community to Oakridge in about an hour and a half from start to finish. With a bike, that trip could be shortened to 55mins.

I grabbed a salad at Subway to eat on my quick 30min stopover at home. I will barely have time to eat and throw meat in the slow cooker and then I’ll be off again.  

And so it goes…

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