Just another day of struggle…

So I was up till 1am last night having a panic attack about getting documentation ready for my ODSP application, then talking through issues that ensued with my boyfriend. I was awake at 7am this morning to get on the bus by 8:40am to arrive at Staples by 9am to photocopy the application and send by ExpressPost.

What a nightmare this ODSP process has been. From rude, argumentative workers, to ignorant and rude GP who refused to read the specialist documentation I provided then wouldn’t fill out the form properly, to mail complications and ODSP customer service people who talk a mile a minute when I call in for help. *sigh* I’m exhausted just sitting here thinking about it. 

I have so much documentation to prove my disability (to send with my ODSP application) that it doesn’t all fit in the regular envelope they give me in the application package. I’m glad I thought to grab a used envelope I had held onto that is larger. I taped the smaller envelope that the ODSP office provides to the front of the bigger envelope and then put it inside the ExpressPost. Then I had to call the ODSP 1-800 number twice to ask for clarification of the address because the postal lady said the postal code is wrong. Yet the ladies at ODSP insist it’s the right postal code. So I went ahead and filled out the ExressPost and asked for a signature. Of course the address ODSP gives me is a box# and I can’t get a signature from a box# – turned out I needed a completely different address! Good thing I left myself an hour to do stuff at Staples because that’s how long it took me (to photocopy the application for myself and get the ExpressPost sorted out). 

Now I’m waiting for my first appointment of the day and I just want to bawl my eyes out because my brain is so stressed and exhausted. Thank God for coffee!

Some days I sit here and think to myself…Life is cruel.

NB: For those reading this through Facebook, please don’t comment on the Facebook post. If you’d like to reach out, please comment here or in private message. Thank you.

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