Thoughts on Day 1 of 365 Days Without My Car

I probably won’t write every day or anything, but I plan on documenting my year without a car as thoroughly as possible. It gives me something to focus on instead of all the other “stuff” I’m dealing with right now. If you’ve been following along, you probably know that I’ve found life rather challenging lately (in regard to finances, social interaction and mental health). I guess for some of us, life’s like that. 

Yesterday I was lucky to sit for an hour with someone who took the time to care – she listened intently, validated my emotions and sense of overwhelm, and she connected me with some further supports. Today I am letting my brain rest a bit. I’ve got a list of to-do’s which are necessary for getting through the day, but other than that I’m keeping it to a minimum. 

Most people have no idea how a lack of finances can effect a person’s emotional wellbeing or cognitive function. Without money, the brain has to think more and it becomes more “work” to simply get by because of an increased need for planning. So, now, throw in the “tiny” complication of my brain injury and the lack of finances causes all that much more of a problem. No wonder there is such a huge percentage of the homeless population who have cognitive or mental health struggles. 
I suppose I’ve already been mostly avoiding use of the car for 6 months, so my readers might not notice much of a difference at first. Day one officially without my car is being spent as I gather most weekends will be over the next year – staying closer to home. I’m cooking for a get-together with family later today. I will now be dependent on rides from family and friends on weekends as I have committed to buying the least expensive bus pass (which is the “Mon-Fri only” pass). I also have a bike, but with the rain/snow and colder temperatures I do not anticipate that I’ll be riding as much as I did in the summer. I borrowed my sister’s car today to help her out with a couple things, so I’m not feeling completely stranded at the moment.

Given that I will be out of doors a lot more over the coming year, I’ve already purchased a good quality set of walking/hiking shoes. But I have also been thinking recently that I will need to also purchase a somewhat decent (but less expensive) rain coat in the not-so-distant future. Taking bus and walking to save money on travel expenses means I’m paying a bit more attention to my outerwear this year. 

And so goes day 1 with no car. Cooking and thinking and resting….my mind won’t stop spinning. ?

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  1. I started this same journey on May 1, 2016. I learned so much. I learned more about my community. How the value of some items became less when I knew the “cost” of getting them home. I discovered the value of a good supportive backpack. And how to bike when it was cold but not snowy.

    And how am I a year and a half later? I don’t miss finding parking. I am 35 lbs lighter. I have time to process my thoughts and emotions. In essence, my life slowed down because I was not speeding thru it.

    This will be a great decision for you. And you will not regret it

    And I am happy to share any resources/thoughts/suggestions with you 🙂


    1. Thanks Shelley! That’s definitely part of the “pro’s”. ? I’m looking forward to living more mindfully and getting healthier.

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