Missing it already…

If you’ve been following along on my journey recently, you’ll know that I’ve decided to give up my car for a year to save some money. This week is my final week of using my vehicle and I think I will have used my car more in the past week than I have the past three months! 

This morning I had to make a quick run back to a store I had been at on Saturday, where I had accidentally left part of my purchase. Luckily, the ladies set it aside for me and it was waiting for me at 9am just as soon as they opened today. Had I not have had my car, I would have had to leave at 8am instead of 8:30am. Yes, the store was still on my way to see my client (by bus OR by car), but that 30mins extra in the morning can mean the difference between eating and not eating, or rushing and preparing for my day in a mindful way. 

Also, having my car will mean a significantly shorter travel time between clients which will end in a “shorter” day overall so that I can have supper before I go off to my evening elective. This is exciting! While I practice mindfulness tricks throughout the day using transit (to keep me calm and to deal with the many mishaps along the way), I find that I am more mindful when I am allowed extra time in my day. I HATE rushing and do everything in my power to avoid it where possible. But whether I’m finding more time for mindfulness on the bus, or finding more opportunity for mindfulness in my quiet home/car, I guess the main point is that I’m consciously being more mindful through this entire exercise. So that’s kinda neat.

As I think about how handy it’s been to have the car this past week, I also recognize that I’ve been able to do some shopping without that extra physical stress and exertion, and I’ve had less backpacking pains from carrying my life around on my person throughout the day. It’s been kind of wonderful, actually. I really am going to miss this freedom and ease over the next year. 

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