One Year Without My Car

So…the decision has been made. After a summer of the #transittrial #multimodaltrial, then realizing that selling my car was not really something I wanted to do or COULD do easily, I’ve made the decision to simply postpone my use of it for one year. That will give me some time to catch up on my debts that are piling up, and will make life a bit more manageable financially. If all goes well, I will be able to pay down one line of credit almost entirely. 

What began as an idea to save “some” money has now become a very necessary exercise in saving a BUNCH of money. It just feels right. I hate carrying around the debt that I do, and it will help me to continue advocating for better public transit as well as the local cycling community. 

I also have a second personal goal of becoming healthier and dropping some weight, so I’m sure these two things will go hand-in-hand. As I sit here preparing myself physically, emotionally, and mentally to face the day (and my week), I wanted to compile my thoughts and make this official announcement to my followers.

So, starting next week when my insurance renews, I will officially be without my vehicle. I will be using my bike as much as I can until the snow flies, and once that happens I will get a really clear picture of the transit experience. I plan to continue posting thoughts and reflections on my car-free lifestyle – good and bad – and we’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned for more!

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