Winter #TransitTrial Has Begun!

Today was a good day to be staying at home if you had the option. Unfortunately, dementia doesn’t take a day off, so I was off to work! I do have to say, though, I enjoy the winter and the cozy-ness of the snow. I suppose I’m kind of crazy that way.

I’ve been taking a few snapshots while out and about in the snow. I have to remember not to get my phone out too much though because the battery on my iPhone does not like the cold. I’ve mostly tweeted about random happenings, sidewalks shoveled in remote “Old Oakridge” (where we only JUST got curbs and gutters this year), and sidewalks NOT shoveled along the busy 4-lane Fanshawe Park Rd. And then there’s the bus shelter igloo I built today…I forgot to snap a shot of that one, but it was a fun topic of conversation! ?

What I’ve learned in my years of working with a CBT therapist is that we can change our experience of reality by changing our expectations. So this week as I knew the snow would be arriving, I’ve been adjusting my expectations of my travel time, and low-and-behold I have found myself pleasantly surprised by my joyful attitude! Life is much for enjoyable when we can see the goodness in people around us, when we notice the beauty of a single snowflake, move to the danceable tunes on the iPod, and partake in some childlike fun building snow forts.

So here’s to all my fellow pedestrians and transit riders out there tonight! I wish you safe travels wherever you roam. And to the City workers clearing snow, and the bus drivers getting us around town safely, I salute you! ?

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