Good evening, friends. If you see this post on FB and comment or interact on FB I likely won’t see it for a while. Please send me a private message or comment on my blog if you want to interact with me directly. I took the Facebook app off my phone. 

I love Facebook for how it brings people together and helps us share uplifting or cautionary messages with those who might not otherwise be in touch. I love that we can share photos of our experiences and celebrate one another’s accomplishments. I love that I’ve gotten to know some of my extended family and classroom acquaintances (or even teachers!) more, because we’ve stayed in touch here. It even helps me plan Free Hugs Days or birthday parties, or going away parties! There are so many positives. 

However, as most people know, Facebook also has a darker side. It can be a real distraction for those of us who struggle with distraction. It can also be a very dangerous tool of comparison – even for those who wouldn’t necessarily say they struggle with mental health concerns. In a capitalistic (or any type of) society, being on the “right” side of the proverbial fence tends to be a destructive experience. 

Sociologists and psychologists alike understand that being so connected has become a great thing for the spread of knowledge and news but also a hindrance because of the spread of misinformation and pseudo-facts or comparison. The price of connection has definitely taken its toll. I understand the frustration completely. Though “Freedom of Speech” is a good thing in many ways, its dark side can be more than just disheartening, words can be very damaging.

So…the moral of the story is…if you’ve read this far, I am super excited that you care enough to look into how I’m doing. Please stay in touch by commenting here on my blog or send me an email or text or Facebook private message (if you have that info). You know me, I love connecting with people in a genuine way.

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  1. love you xo totally agree. I had an incident on our 30th wedding anniv. with my mom. It was awful. I never hold a grudge and I forgive her but I either had to go off FB or take her off and block her. My Mom. I love my mom. I had an issue I wanted to discuss in private and she publicly humiliated me on FB in front of our family and friends. I was devastated. The kids called home and asked Frankie what was wrong with Gram and why was she mad. The worst of it is that she called and left a message and told me not to call her. I am heart broken. This is my mom. She and dad were suppose to watch our dogs so we could get away for a few days. That is not going to happen. The worse thing is that I love my mom and my dad. I am heart broken. I don’t even know how to fix it. So I just took her off my FB so I didn’t have to see her posts. It was like I was saying good bye to her in a way I can’t even imagine. If I didn’t have my business I would have taken myself off. So ya there is good to FB but wow I think that it can really hurt especially if you have mental health issues. Which most of us do. What does that say about it then. Keep in touch I love you xo I hope your mom is okay too. She should know that she can talk to me if she isn’t. She is loved – your family is loved. xo

    1. Love you too Shelley! I’m so so sorry you had to go through that with your mom! ? I had a similar incident with my brother. My mom loves seeing you at the gym. I know she feels comfortable with you. Thank you for being who you are. I love you so much! xo

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