Eliminate Drama

“But remember that you cannot change other people! Do not take their negativity personally. It is THEIR problem, not yours!” (Dani Johnson)

Great Article! http://www.danijohnson.com/2013/2-ways-to-eliminate-negativity-in-your-life/

This article discusses a lesson I have learned many times – and have dealt with a lot very recently. Substitute “negativity” for “emotionalism” and it’s the same concept. I would call it “2 Ways to Eliminate Stress (or Drama) in Your Life” – as the article says, eliminate those people from your life or learn how to deal with them effectively.

In this day and age emotional manipulation is very common because people take everything personally and expect that others should too. To some degree, I get it – I am an emotional person. But by letting our “feelings” or emotions dictate our actions, we never really take control of our lives. We become reactive and overwhelmed with that emotion (whether good or bad) which only contributes negatively to making consciously objective and effective choices.

How we deal with and process that emotion makes a world of difference. It is my choice to feel offended or effected by someone else’s choices. It is just as much my choice to respond with integrity and not allow another person’s emotions to dictate my behaviour (refusing to lash back at an angry person, or be guilted into making a choice that is not congruent with my own values).

You can allow others’ emotions to dictate your actions, or you can live your own life and let them live theirs. It is actually quite empowering to take control of your own life in this way. I no longer allow others to “guilt” me into a certain lifestyle or reactive response. People will use their emotionalism in an attempt to engage your emotions rather than your objective mind. Be aware, acknowledge the reality, and take back the power which is rightfully yours.

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