Empathy For Bus Drivers on #TransitTrial

In the span of 20mins I watched as one driver was screamed at (with F-bombs) by a self-identified woman with schizophrenia, then the next driver is beat down by 2 passengers upset that he’s late (because traffic on Oxford is at a standstill. 

I have said it many times to many drivers, I have so much respect for them and their job. I would not want to do what they do. My dad was a truck driver for 40yrs and I know the stress he dealt with from his job. Add to that the complex component of dealing with hundreds of passengers each day and I can’t imagine the frustration.

Now the driver is talking to a passenger about the complications of BRT and “can you imagine if they go through with that – I hope they come to their senses!” I’m sure it’s been frustrating for the drivers as they deal with all the changes in routes and the congestion in the city.  I hope somehow they come to understand that the BRT system will only help them in the long run. 

I think a lot of it has to do with how we treat the drivers in the mean time. Whether it’s a situation with another passenger or a complication with traffic, we all have a choice to respond with kindness to our drivers and show them compassion and gratitude for their mostly thankless job.

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