“Enough” is Enough: Know Your Limitations

Along the same vein as my last posts, a key struggle but most significant accomplishment in my life is and has been knowing when enough is enough and becoming “ok” with or accepting my limitations.  Again this week this has been a prevalent topic – something I see as a daily awareness exercise.  The work that goes into this awareness (the “how”) is enough for a post of its own – and truly is a work of independence for each of us.  Today, however, I want to discuss simply the purpose and its benefits (the “why”).

No matter who you are or what you struggle with in life, knowing your limitations and being okay with what that means for yourself will help move you in a positive direction – whether it is resting to preserve enough energy to face your daily circumstances, or striving that extra bit more because you know you have it in you and it will be worth it in the end. Last week we discussed the concept of passive activity, striving for a greater good as we work through the process – by allowing the circumstances/feelings/etc to be what they will be and work on our internal response to it.

I have found a huge part of “working through the process” to be knowing my limitations – emotionally and physically.  And the one will affect the other. This week that has become abundantly clear.  My emotional journey through life takes just as much energy as – sometimes more than – my physical journey.  Having already discussed the management of energy scenario, this makes for some juggling.  But being “ok” with those limitations, allowing them to just “be” (and not define me), while allowing for a sense of flexibility in life to accommodate them, has been a liberating experience.  From this sense of freedom I derive an overall peace and inner strength.

Life is going to just “happen” around us…people will continue to ask for more and push your buttons, circumstances will arise out of the blue and our emotional response to them will either create more stress or empower us to deal with the stress.  But no one will know your boundaries as clearly as you do.  And if we are not “ok” with those boundaries, we will continue to let people push us over the limit, time and time again, feeling like we should/could be doing more.

It’s okay to have a limit!  It’s okay that I have to be in bed by a certain time, that I can only handle a part-time job right now, or that I didn’t get my kitchen clean yesterday.  I will soon get to a place where I have a consistent routine again which will promote a continually healthier lifestyle, more energy, more attention and more overall “success” in life. I am on the right track. And, on my way to accomplishing that end, I am grateful to have come as far as I have, to be in the place that I’m in, and to be moving in the direction I’m headed.  Today I wrote a post on Facebook regarding my gratitude for my current circumstances.  I mentioned that if someone reading was not happy with his or her circumstances that he/she should make a change – in attitude, effort, or position.  That truly is the only answer.

Acknowledging your limitations and accepting/loving what “is” is the key to a sense of gratification and contentment.  Know when enough is enough for you, embrace your limits and celebrate them!  Manifest your inner awareness in your day-to-day decisions to create a life you love.  Surround yourself with positive people and influences to let the sun shine in.  🙂

…this is my life…

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