First Day Back to the #TransitTrial

Ugh…what a crazy day. I was a few minutes later leaving the house today after an incredibly long day and late night yesterday. So off I boogy’d down to my client in 45min walk. Then, as I’m walking to my client, I realized I had to be to Adelaide & Huron by 1pm. Ack!

Finished at client just east of Fanshawe & Highbury and I kick it into high gear. I must have checked my watch at least a million times, tracking my speed and judging my distance remaining. As I approached the point where I could have stopped back at my house, I had a brief thought about possibly stopping for my car. But then I checked the time again and realized I was actually going to make it if I kept up the pace. 

So, I pushed through. I reached the bus stop  at Adelaide and Fanshawe in 40mins. 

Finished my next appointment by 1:20 and  walked downtown hoping to grab lunch and hop on my Oakridge 19 bus. Got downtown after another 30min walk (a bike DEFINITELY would have come in handy here) only to find my lunch place was closed. Ugh. So a quick stop some place else, then onto the 19. 

On the way home we got downtown and I booked it up Richmond to grab the 13. Turns out the bus was empty and just sitting there, no driver in sight. The people lined up waiting seemed to have been there a while. Turns out, that driver was never to be seen again as the next 13 bus picked us up and took us to Masonville. Our new driver explained that sometimes at shift change if new driver isn’t there, the old one will just lock the door and leave. Weird.

Anyway…the good news is, I made it home. And so ends another day of the #transittrial #multimodaltrial. 

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