Late summer reflections…

It’s starting to feel like fall already here in London, On. My boyfriend and I are preparing for my step-son’s new school year, and with it a transition back into routines and regularity. I love it!! 

Sitting here in the reflective mood that I’m in, I realized this morning that I am the same age right now that my mom was when I was and 15 riding in the front seat of my friend’s car on the fateful morning of my acquired brain injury. It just boggles my mind. I can’t imagine having 3 children, the oldest of whom is 15yrs old and in a car accident – let alone having children in high school! 

Life is such a funny thing. We live, we have expectations, we compare ourselves to those around us, and we strive to find meaning in our daily struggle. For some, there are more challenges than others. But, through it all, no matter the level of challenge, I believe we are all still left with the ultimate question of significance. Why are we here? What is the point of all of this anyway?

Spending time with seniors every day, perhaps I am faced with this reality more than most. Or perhaps it’s simply my reflective nature. Either way, this cool fall-feeling sunny morning has put me in a wonderful mood and crossing paths with an old friend on the bus this morning only served that same purpose.

I met with a newer friend last night and received some very uplifting words of encouragement through prayer. It reminded me of my significance in this world. And I was touched again by the impact my life (and struggle) has had on those around me. Therein I find my purpose. And on a grander scale I believe in a Higher Power at work directing it all.

Happy Friday, Friends! ❤️

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