#MultimodalTrial – Introduction of the Bike…

Good morning, friends! 

Yesterday was my introduction of the bike to my #multimodal trial and I was so pleased with my timing. I made it to Pondmills in an hour and was home from Oakridge in under an hour, thanks to the Express up Adelaide and my bike in the communities. 

I know London really well, so I was able to track my route fairly well without any assistance. I’d say 75% of the total biking time was spent on the sidewalk, though. From my start, north of Fanshawe and east of Adelaide, I went down Glengarry to arrive at the Stoney Creek natural area and followed the path to Windermere. From there I took Adelaide, south to King. Let me tell you – Adelaide St North near the river is insane on bike. I was only on the road for about 20-30 meters, but I was grateful to find the sidewalk again. Drivers are impatient (driving quickly and irradically), and they don’t allow much room around bikes. 

I rode along the sidewalk from Adelaide and Kipps to King St, where I turned left to avoid the overpass. I was grateful to find that King St has a bike lane from Adelaide until Rectory, and then I zipped through the Western Fair parking lot and over to York to get to Eggerton. I rode the sidewalk all the way up Eggerton (going south) until Pondmills Rd, where I encountered the biggest and longest, steepest hill I’ve ridden up. It kind of reminded me of the hill on Gore Rd in Dorchester that I used to have to climb if I wanted to get into town on my bike. 

The first part of the hill wasn’t too bad, although I crossed once because it looked like the sidewalk ended. Turned out, it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I ended up riding through construction (which the workers said was fine), and then headed up the steepest part of the Pondmills hill. But not before I stopped to buy some lemonade from some little girls with a lemonade stand! ?

(Faces erased for their privacy)

I made it to Commissioners and Deveron on the sidewalk and then rode the subdivision on the road with no problem. On the way out, I crossed Pond Mills Rd on Deveron and went through a different subdivision on the road, but switched to the sidewalk when I got to Commissioners and Frontenac and came down the hill going west up to the hospital. I continued west on Commissioners, staying on the sidewalk, and was thrilled that so many respectful drivers backed up for me when they saw me coming. I made sure to shout my “thank you” going by.

At Wortley Rd I turned right and road up the street, thinking the village would be respectful of cyclists. Boy, was I wrong! The big SUVs and even small cars were zooming by without a care in the world. I even rode alongside a dump truck for a few minutes. I hopped back on the sidewalk and was pleasantly surprised to see my friend, John, who encouraged me to stay safe and on the sidewalks (if I felt it was warranted) as London roads are still not bike-friendly.  

I had planned to take Wortley Rd to Stanley Street and over to Wharncliffe, but construction on Wortley Rd meant I jogged over to Wharncliffe early where I rode the sidewalk up to Riverside. At this point I switched to a bus to get me into Oakridge. The bus driver was very helpful in instructing me how to strap my bike onto the racking system. He took me into Oakridge where I visited with a client and then got a call about last minute plans that I had forgotten that I made. 

A quick re-routing in my mind, and I rode my bike out of Oakridge to Oxford St. this time, where I hopped onto the 17 bus and rode until Adelaide, grabbed the Express going north to Fanshawe, and then rode my bike 5minutes back to my own community. It was a glorious feeling! I was home in less than an hour from leaving my client!! ?

And to end my #multimodaltrial day, I hopped in my car to pick up my friend with CP so we could go visit another friend. 

I’d say this multimodal stuff is a GREAT idea, friends!

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