#MultiModalTrial Perspective (Embrace the Suck)

So here I am, half way through my day, waiting for my bus with a soaking wet butt and grey skies overhead. The rain has stopped, thankfully, and I’ve had a chance to dry off. I told the women at the nursing home where my first client lived that I guess today’s the day I put one of my favourite “momisms” to the test: “You aren’t made of sugar – you won’t melt.”

I’ve had a few times this past week or two when my perspective was challenged. Today is one of them. As I zipped down the road on my bike in the steady but fairly light rain, I reflected on the fact that I COULD be standing in the rain at a bus stop. But I’d still be wet. And waiting for the bus meant that my day would be set back an extra hour or two (in addition to being wet) and I’d miss the opportunity for some activity (which my brain and body desperately need).

Funny that, as I was having this epiphany, I crossed paths with another cyclist at the crosswalk who must have been 30-40yrs my senior (at least). She grinned and zipped by me saying “we get a free shower!” ? Her energy was contagious even as she kept riding by. In that moment I smiled from my liver (bonus points if you know the reference). ?

That woman’s response reminded me of the choice I had – to mumble and complain about the situation, or to be glad that at least I was moving from point A to point B with some efficiency, rather than spending my day an hour behind. Of course, that also led me to the wisdom of a friend who was my trainer at the gym for a while. When the members would fuss and moan about the latest excruciating workout, Merritt used to smile and just say: “embrace the suck”. She’d explain that even seasoned athletes who had been working out their whole life knew that the secret to pushing through is expecting the inevitable (but temporary) pain and learning to embrace it.

Likewise, I’ve chosen to “embrace the suck” today. Knowing that today’s rain is not a constant downpour, but a manageable “here and there” wetting. Plus… I’ve gotta make it to Rita’s this afternoon to get groceries with my lovely new basket on my bike! I used to feel like I didn’t want to ride my bike if it was raining. But now I’ve decided that I’d much rather be caught in the rain on my bike so that I can get OUT of the rain faster! ? (It’s all about perspective).

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