This was once an active space of wrestling with concepts, venting frustrations, and inspiring messages. I used to inspire myself, feel encouraged, by going back and reading my posts. It was as if I needed to take my own medicine.  By typing out a thoughtful message, at first intended to encourage others, I was inadvertently also providing the encouragement and inspiration that I myself required.

It’s been a long while since I last wrote a blog…something on a regular or semi-regular basis. I went through a stage of posting on Facebook instead – and it’s been neat to see the reminders in the latest “Remember when”-type feature that Facebook has been implementing. I love reading past posts, thinking that I once stood in that positive space, genuinely happy and ready to take on the world. 

Blogging, however, was a cathartic tool for me and I’m thinking I would like to return to that practice. It is a space in which I feel both validated in my negative experiences but also safely guarded in positivity as I would never want to air the truest extent of my grievances here. Does that make sense?  

I see I have a small following, and I hope you will use this space as a place for conversation. I truly need to be in touch with people, even though my introverted heart desires safety and quiet coziness. 

What say you in this expansive blogosphere? What does blogging do for you, and why do you dwell in this space as opposed to other online expressions or IRL options? 

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