Sunday Morning Inspiration

Today’s inspiration comes from a video that my aunt posted on my Facebook recently.  As humans, we need reminders.  No matter what age we are or stage of life we’re in, sometimes it’s just good to hear a positive message again.  In the midst of an overwhelmingly emotional moment, or even in a moment void of all emotion, reminders such as this one can unleash a flood of encouragement, affirmation, and inspiration all at once – which is just what we needed (often without knowing it).

I have heard and read Rick Warren‘s messages before, and I’ve heard and read about Nick Vujicic before.  Yet hearing this message again today had a special impact on my soul.  Having been through and currently facing a lifetime of personal struggle, this message is incredibly refreshing.  Though I have been equipped with many helpful strategies, and encouraged by many wise and loving people in my life, some days amidst an overwhelmingly emotional moment or a moment of incredibly clear awareness of reality, messages of hope are all that’s left to cling to.  It’s not enough to cultivate gratitude in this moment, it’s not enough to be more in touch with “the fact of the matter”; what we sometimes need as physical, emotional, intellectual, and SPIRITUAL beings, is the blessing of HOPE that this is not all there is for us in life.

As a follower of Christ, and a genuine believer in a triune God, I know that there are better things to come.  I know that that knowing is what gives me my purpose.  The concept of hope is something that is not common in today’s world.  The promise of something better, a “happy ending”, and the answer to a world of questions…it’s found in a life lived for a purpose greater than oneself.  The pain and limitations of society are no match for what can be accomplished through the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

I give God all the glory.  It is because of Him that I have made it to this moment today.  It is because of Him that I don’t just make it through each day, but love each moment.  And it is because of Him that I can already be grateful for whatever happens to me tomorrow.

…this is my life…

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