The 3 P’s from Pastor Mark

Another crazy week…busy, focused, intense, exhausting. My mentoring partner teased this week that I was letting my blog-writing slip – and she’s right! But sometimes it’s just the way life goes. Survival is more of a priority “in the moment” than explaining my method of survival to the world. Lol

Today’s sermon at Church of The Rock was about the three “p’s” of living a life of faith: see from God’s perspective, allow for the expression of God’s power and be confident of His purpose for your life. I truly believe in this combination. Seeing the bigger picture helps prevent us from taking things personally and gives us daily motivation knowing we’re working toward a greater good. Allowing for the possibilities, avoiding putting God in a box, gives us access to a much greater power than we could ever know on our own. And along with both the perspective and possibilities comes the understanding and appreciation that this journey is actually a part of a much bigger purpose.

I truly believe that it is because of these three things that I have experienced such success in my journey. Because of them (perspective, power, and purpose) I can wake up every day being grateful – grateful for the journey itself, the people who are a part of it (both good and bad), and the destination to which it will bring me.

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