#TransitTrial #MultiModalTrial Monday’s

Check the weather, check the bus schedule, dress in summer attire, grab hat, put on sunscreen, lace up the #multimodal shoes – low key hiking shoes meant for lots of walking, with significant tread. 

This morning I realized I can get to my client in Old Oakridge from my place in Stoney Creek in just over an hour. I’ve tried a few different routes in the past couple of months which almost always involved 2-3 buses and walking. I think I used the Google Transit app once and it probably gave me this speedy route, but leave it to me to forget and go back to trying others. Did I mention I have a brain injury? It’s super inconvenient! 

Anyway, I’ve stumbled upon the route again and I’m really glad I did. Two buses in just over an hour means less rushing and more down time between clients and on the actual bus (which means more blogging time!) Who knew?? And lucky me, these routes are almost door-to-door. Many are not so fortunate.

That still means, though, that I won’t get home till at least 6 or 6:30 instead of 5:30 or 6 if I were driving. So, crock pot dinner it is! I’m grateful to have a few extra minutes midday for me to eat AND still get everything in the crock pot before I leave again. 

So, that’s the bus portion of my day. Monday mornings I am currently walking 40mins each way to see the client who lives closest to me in the north east. It’s a great way to get my steps in, but it also makes for a tiring start to the week. This is a part of my week that I could see myself biking. My mom and boyfriend bought a bike for me off a friend a year and a half back. It’s been sitting in a basement for a long time so it’s in dire need of a tune up and perhaps some replacement parts, but it beats buying something brand new. I’m excited to get it over to the London Bicycle Cafe so I can start riding it!

Afternoon Update: 

The great thing about blogging-on-the-go is that I can write in real time as things are happening and then save it and come back to add more as the day progresses! Here I am now sitting on the curb outside my house, waiting for the 13 to take me downtown (where I’ll hop on the 19 and go to Oakridge). The only thing is…my bus isn’t scheduled to be here for another ten minutes and I’ve already been sitting here for ten minutes. 

It’s a catch-22…I have high anxiety when it comes to timing in the day. So I start my day by planning my every move in blocks of 15min increments. Then I rush through the “to do’s” for that block of time and still end up at my destination early (which is then a blessing because I can sit and calm my energy for a few minutes before moving on to the next time block). Today the bus is early so I even had a few extra minutes to get myself situated with my donut cushion as I settle in for the 30min trip downtown. 

Watched the clock “like a hawk” and made sure to leave client’s on time at 5pm. It’s awesome how catching the bus on time gets me to my connection on time so that I get home in an hour instead of 2 like it took me on Friday. Also I think today’s particular driver of the 19 is one of my absolute favourites! ❤️ He’s suuuuuper friendly, says hello and goodbye to every rider, always cheery, is a safe driver, and today he recognized me from my multiple trips in a short time span. 

My last driver of the night, on the other hand…he leaves much to be desired – swerving in and out of traffic erratically, starting and stopping abruptly. ? I guess they can’t all be good ones!

But I made it home in one piece and that’s what’s important, right? Even made it back a few minutes sooner than expected as I made a sooner connection downtown. Every 15min block counts! That’s 15mins more with the family and 15mins sooner finishing my dishes and posting this blog. ?

And thus begins my #multimodaltrial #transittrial week, friends. Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow! 

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