This site has gone from a regular blog, to a once in a while blog, to being ignored, to being revived again. I’ve recently decided to make it my business card, personal story and promotional space, all wrapped into one!

So, let me begin by explaining that I am a young professional advocating for community connection, interpersonal compassion and self-awareness.  I love life and I’m excited to share my enthusiasm and passion with you. I invite you to follow along as I document my thoughts, experiences, and musings – with a little spunk and a lot of laughs. And, of course, I am always grateful for your interaction while we’re at it.

Given my experience with and love of public speaking, I am always open to new opportunities for sharing my story or my thoughts – on anything from brain injury, to life taking transit, to my spiritual experiences and walk with God. Please feel free to contact me to discuss public speaking opportunities or other community-related involvement.

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