Happy Labouring Day!

Happy Labour Day, friends! While much of the city is having downtime, I am part of the other portion of the city who is still working away as if it was just another day. So far, my first bus ride on the new 25 route was a pleasure. The driver was very friendly, chatted with me about the new route and how he looked foreward to it. He said the drivers have been recommending a route from Masonville to Fanshawe for the last 4yrs, so it’s nice to finally see it happening. 

I grabbed my lunch, had a 45min break at home and then James and Gavin were on their way to see a movie at Masonville so they let me ride along. Now here I sit for a few minutes until my bus on the Express Route arrives. With a cursory look over the routes that I frequent, it looks as if most transfers on a normal day should be a 2-5minute wait (possibly 10 at the most). Though I need to transfer more often in some cases, in order for me to get from one end of the city to the other, it does appear that the wait times are shorter and therefore the overall trip is faster. Imagine what it will be with BRT! I’m excited!

I’m sure there will be kinks to iron out, but overall I am very excited for the betterment of our transit system. On my way home now I had to make sure to leave a few minutes earlier because my normal 19 bus route runs only once every hour on holidays. Luckily I have a boyfriend who is off work today and doesn’t mind picking me up at the mall. I’m hoping that even Sunday’s and holidays will be more accessible with the changes to come.

Change can be difficult, and sometimes painful, but in the end I trust that these things eventually work themselves out. I know there are many doubters out there, but I’m hoping that my experiences can lend a personalized perspective to the discussion. For this to be a great city, we need to be accessible for all – those with and without means for personal transportation, or those who are dependent on the public system. We are all in this together! 

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